OSCO's Systems are Recognized Worldwide

Innovative and responsive to the changing needs of the molding industry for over 30 years, OSCO is recognized worldwide for the development and engineering of accurate, durable and time-saving products. OSCO’s nozzles, valves, filters and control systems save our customers downtime, waste and money.

OSCO Headquarters

Our Mission

Our purpose and passion is to provide creative effective molding solutions which contribute to our customer’s success. With integrity and ingenuity as our guiding principle, we strive to be a positive force within our local and global community.

OSCO offers the following products:

  • Thermal Gating:

    • Mini Hot Runners (MHR)
    • Hot Sprue Nozzles (HSN)
    • CVT Hot Drops for Manifolds
    • Multiple Gate Nozzles (MGN)
    • Flow Control Nozzles (FCN)
  • Valve Gating

    • Single Cavity Valve Gate Nozzles (SCV)
    • Valve Gate Nozzles (VGN)
    • Valve Gate Sequencing Controllers (VGS)
  • Molder Supplies and Replacement Parts

    • Interface Options
    • Temperature Controllers
    • Filters
    • Machine Shut Off Nozzles
    • Other Replacement Parts

Offering both stock and custom engineered items, OSCO answers and exceeds the needs of the manufacturing and machining industry for practicality, reliability, functionality and dependability.

Working with our customers every day to solve their runnerless and injection molding needs, OSCO welcomes the opportunity to assist your company by providing well thought-out solutions to its injection molding needs. Contact OSCO today, and you’ll open the gates to better molding systems.

The OSCO Promise:

  • To practice fair and honorable competition.

  • To protect the interests of our customers in the selection of the best suited equipment.

  • To provide highly qualified engineering assistance and follow-up.

  • To produce the best equipment of its type in the industry.

  • To merit your continued support.



MGN Hybrid


QSS – Quick Set Interface System

RGT Recessed gate tips


MSO Machine Shut-Off

VGS Valve gate sequencer controller

Hot Sprue for Unit Die Mold Inserts

Valve gate engineered for co-injection molding

G/H Style Hot Sprue Nozzles for high heat resin


Machine Driven Valve Gate

Patented Flow Control Nozzle

DSV Valve gate for large-part molding

Pin Gate


Patented Single Cavity Valve Gate

Industry’s first Multi-Gate Nozzle

First Valve Gate Sequencing Controller

Patented Filter

Threaded-on Tips

Industry’s first self-contained cylinder for valve gating


OSCO is founded in 1982

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